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Use this mortgage calculator to calculate estimated monthly mortgage payments and rate options.


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*The interest rates, annual percentage rates (APRs) and discount points are subject to change without notice. APR is based on 40% equity and credit score of 740 or greater. Your APR will vary based on your final loan amount and finance charges. All Mortgage rates listed are based on 0 discount points. The monthly amount shown includes principal and interest. Your actual monthly payment will be higher if an escrow/impound account is established. Property insurance (and flood insurance if applicable) required. PMI may be required.
***After the initial term of seven years, the APR, interest rate, principal and interest payment will adjust based on market driven changes to the U.S. One Year Constant Treasury Rate — the "index" plus 2.75% - the "margin." The maximum increase per adjustment period is 2% with a lifetime cap of 6%. Requires a minimum credit score of 720 with loan maximum of $484,350. Other restrictions may apply. WCCU NMLS ID # 518892.
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