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WCCU Donates AED to Westerly Police Department!

The Westerly Community Credit Union is proud to donate an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) to the Westerly Police Department to help support their goal of one AED per police cruiser.

The AED is a small device used for resuscitating people who have no heart rhythm. It instructs the trained operator when to deliver the shock. They are small and easy to use, and have been installed in schools, airports and other public settings (WCCU has one in each branch) in an attempt to expand the number of life-saving defibrillation opportunities.

Steve White, President/CEO of WCCU stated, “We are honored to donate this AED to support our local police department and community. We hope this donation will help increase the safety of our local residents and allow for the best possible outcome in case of emergency.”

For more information, please contact Westerly Community Credit Union at 401-596-7000.

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