Youth Financial Education

The best time to start learning about money? Now! 

  • Fun Engaging Activities
  • Great for Ages 0- Teens
  • Tools for Parents & Teachers
Fun Engaging Activities
Great for Ages 0- Teens
Tools for Parents & Teachers

Teaching good money habits just got easier.

Kids learn better when they are interested. Through the Money Mammals Kids Club Savings Account, they not only can see their money grow but have access to online, age-appropriate financial literacy games, activities, and more to reinforce good money management skills. Parents and teachers have access too, all free of charge, to help young savers get a head start!

For Kids: Access financial education-themed games, mobile apps, videos and printables focused on how to Share, Save and Spend Smart.  

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For Tween/Teens- Learn great financial skills through Adolescent$, a first of its kind financial literacy program just for you. Learn how to manage your money with money tips, videos, and more!

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For Parents: Gain access to additional resources focused on teaching children how to manage their money responsibly.

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For Teachers: Utilize our reading guides, books and teaching guides to benefit all children in your classroom. Ask about a Free Teaching kit for your school - contact Kim Gates, WCCU Financial Education Officer, at [email protected].

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