Youth Accounts

Give your kids a head start on becoming money-smart.

A bright financial future starts with these accounts.

At WCCU, we know that learning good money management skills is essential to succeed. Starting those good habits young is key! These accounts are designed to teach while rewarding and having fun - a great combination!
Money Mammals Savings Account
Young kids, up to 10 years old, get their first taste of financial education with the help of age-appropriate online games and activities.
Young Adult Share Savings Account
Special prize drawings help tweens and teens, ages 11-17, develop lifelong  savings habits. 
Free Checking Account
Teens, ages 14-17, get their first taste of grown-up money management with ATM access, eBanking and more.
WCCU Smart Option Student Loan
We've partnered with a national lending leader to provide college loans with low rates and flexible repayment plans.
Scholarship Opportunities
College and vocational school students are eligible for the thousands of dollars of scholarships WCCU awards annually.
Youth Financial Education
Whether you are a kid, teen, parent or teacher, there is something for you! There are games, activities and prizes plus helpful resources for parents and teachers. 

Scholarship Opportunities

Offset college expenses with Westerly Community Credit Union's scholarship program.